For the Project Design Across Borders I did an exchange program with students from KEA, Copenhagen. Our project was about cycling and cycling behaviour in Amsterdam vs. Copenhagen. We were given the assignment to make an immersive product that could make it easier for urban planners at the VeloCity event to understand the target group.

Our goal was to show them the difference in cycling behaviour in Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Every country or region has its own culture or way of doing things. We wanted to let them know that even though the target group were all cyclists, cyclist behave differently around the world.

In our final product we wanted to give the urban planners the experience of cycling in Amsterdam and cycling in Copenhagen with an gamification element to show them that Amsterdam is very different than Copenhagen.

We made a boardgame and two video’s, one for Amsterdam and one for Copenhagen. The person watching the video has to give signs and directions to the person sitting behind the board. The final goal is to reach the same destination as the person watching the video.